My Story

My name is Gabriella Meggyes and I am a Krakow (Poland) based web developer originally from Hungary. I enjoyed experimenting with computers ever since I was little, however I made the decision to start my developer carreer quite late, in 2019. I attended a fullstack developer bootcamp in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where I learnt mainly React and Python. After that, I started to work on my own projects and quickly recognized my passion for Javascript, so it was time for me to learn NodeJS as well. Later on, I landed a job in the small remote team of Nobox Ltd, where I contributed to various applications as a frontend developer. My current goal is to work on interesting and challanging projects, where I get to use and improve my existing skills, while having the opportunity to learn new technologies.

and many more eg. ExpressJS, Python, Styled Components, GraphQL, jQuery...etc


My Projects


An interactive online pole academy, with the purpose of getting users addicted to exercising and healthy lifestyle, while being part of a supporting community.

Boros Wine Shop

A simple but attractive webshop on a friends request.


Portfolio project. I still have not found the perfect calendar application, so maybe one day I will transform this into one.

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